The main aim of the “EU Public Infrastructure for the European Digital Twin” project (EDITO-Infra) is to build the EU Public Infrastructure backbone for the European Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) by upgrading, combining and integrating key service components of the existing EU ocean observing, monitoring and data programmes Copernicus Marine Service and the European Marine Observation & Data Network (EMODnet) into a single digital framework. As such, EDITO-Infra will provide the foundation for the further development of the EU DTO initiative, hosting the deployment of multiple DTO applications from ongoing and future digital twin projects, supporting the deployment of new generation of ocean models (e.g. via Horizon Europe underlying models for the European DTO projects) and of the Horizon Europe “Mission Lighthouses” projects.

In connection with its activities providing the EMODnet Secretariat, Seascape Belgium will support the project partners VLIZ and Mercator Ocean International by providing technical advice and communication support.

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