Mission Atlantic

Horizon 2020 Mission Atlantic (September 2020 - August 2026) is an EU-funded project that will map and assess the present and future status of Atlantic marine ecosystems under the influence of climate change and exploitation. Sustainably managing ocean resources is linked to our ability to assess and predict drivers of change, and the subsequent impact on marine ecosystems. These are extremely variable, subject to large uncertainties, with complex interconnectivities. Addressing these challenges, Mission Atlantic will support managers and policy makers to balance the need for environmental protection with sustainable development, and provide the necessary science to develop a novel narrative to secure a positive future for the Atlantic Ocean. The project will assess the whole Atlantic and ecosystem components at risk from natural hazards and the consequences of human activities, including individual regional Case Studies, and their interconnectivity. To do this, Mission Atlantic will develop integrated ecosystem assessments (IEAs) for seven regional Case Studies, in sub-Arctic and Tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from shelf seas to the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Seascape Belgium contributes to WP2 (Data Management) for the Inventory of available Atlantic Data Resources, in particular by assisting with the identification of relevant data sources from EMODnet (data portals and Atlantic Checkpoint),  assisting with feeding selected project outputs to EMODnet for long term stewardship and availability, and implementing solutions for open source geospatial data sharing within the project.

For more information, please see missionatlantic.eu.