The culmination of the hugely successful INMARE project marks a new beginning for industrial enzyme biodiscovery!

17 May 2019

INMARE, an exciting and innovative Horizon 2020 funded marine biodiscovery project - in which Seascape Belgium were a partner - came to an extremely successful conclusion in March 2019. Seascape would like to extend their congratulations to the entire INMARE project team at the end of their four-year journey to revolutionise enzyme biodiscovery!

Coordinated by the University of Bangor (Wales, UK), INMARE set out to reduce the long and arduous enzyme discovery process and provide bio-based industries with faster, greener and cheaper solutions by harnessing the bioactive potential of marine biodiversity.

In four years, INMARE’s success in advancing enzyme biodiscovery has been unprecedented. At the onset of INMARE the enzyme biodiscovery pipeline was estimated to take anything from 5-7 years. INMARE has reduced that time to less than a year in some instances, and has provided industry with a suite of more than 1000 active enzymes – some of which are performing better than current commercial products. INMARE’s work has resulted in four patents and one start-up company.

With 64% of the world’s leading enzyme companies located in Europe, INMARE’s work will contribute to Europe’s leadership in this field.

INMARE is an exemplar of how European collaborations can fast-track innovations in industrially relevant research and development. It has demonstrated the crucial role of the European Union’s Horizon Research and Innovation Programmes in driving innovation.

To find out more about INMARE take a look at Seascape’s short film below, or for more information check out our INMARE legacy products.