The EU4Ocean Platform Founding Members are announced!

02 July 2020

Seascape Belgium is very pleased to be one of the 76 founding members of the #EU4Ocean Platform, a new hub for organisations and initiatives to connect, collaborate and mobilise efforts on ocean literacy.

Since 2017, Seascape Belgium, through the EMODnet Secretariat, is managing the development and promotion of the European Atlas of the Seas, the official digital mapping tool of the European Commission’s DG MARE dedicated to ocean literacy and education. Our work with the Atlas allowed us to lead workshops with pupils, develop educational material and storytelling, as well as to initiate partnerships with the aquarium Nausicaá, schools and ocean literacy initiatives such as Escola Azul in Portugal. As a powerful education tool soon available in 24 languages, the Atlas will be a key resource to use in EU4Ocean.

Because of our involvement in ocean literacy with the European Atlas of the Seas, as well as our expertise in marine knowledge and our willingness to contribute to a more ocean-literate society, we strongly believe Seascape Belgium would be of benefit to the EU4Ocean Platform.

By joining forces with other organisations, we increase the chances of successfully generating more awareness and engagement for ocean protection. The ocean is in need of a strong wave of action: Ocean literacy and cooperation are the best way to go. The EU4Ocean Platform wil be a focal point in Europe for professionals to connect, collaborate and mobilise efforts in Ocean Literacy. Let's embark on this journey.

If you would like to know more on the EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy and its three components #EU4Ocean#Youth4Ocean and #EUBlueSchools, read more about it here