European Marine Board policy brief draws on Seascape Belgium report findings

03 June 2020

Ocean health and human health are inextricably linked. Exploring these linkages is at the heart of ‘Oceans and Human Health’ (OHH), an emerging scientific metadiscipline.

Seascape Belgium are partners in the Seas Oceans and Public Health in Europe project, which has mapped out a strategic research roadmap to cement Oceans and Human Health in Europe. But Oceans and Human Health is about more than research, it requires action by policy makers, maritime businesses planners and citizens to work together to protect ocean health and human health.

One of Seascape’s roles in the SOPHIE project was to look at the maritime policy framework relevant to OHH. This resulted in a report ‘Human health and EU maritime policy: closing the loop’ highlighting the opportunities to better align marine environmental and public health policy goals. European Marine Board (EMB) drew on the findings of this report in a recent policy brief, ‘Policy Needs for Oceans and Human Health’. We are delighted that this important subject and our findings will achieve widespread attention through the reach and recognition of EMB.

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