Dr. Nathalie Tonné, Project and Operations Manager

Nathalie Tonné holds a MSc and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Free University of Brussels (VUB). She has worked on diverse topics including loss of landscape features of inferred biological value and its effect on European migratory bird species, and ecology of the seedlings of Rhizophoraceae mangrove species. In addition to her research, she organized the “Plant Physiology” practical course for bachelor students, and assisted students with their respective thesis. Before joining Seascape as a Project Officer for the EMODnet Secretariat, she co-coordinated the interuniversity MSc programme Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (‘Oceans & Lakes’). At the EMODnet Secretariat she is responsible for several core tasks, including the monitoring and follow up of the thematic and regional EMODnet projects as well as gathering user feedback via user surveys and assessment of user friendliness of EMODnet data portals and services.